Problems logging on

User name problem

  1. Make sure you are using the correct username for the password being entered.

Password problem

  1. Make sure CapsLock is off.
  2. Make sure you are entering your most recent password.

Cookie problem

Cookies are the best way of keeping you logged in from page to page. Some people dislike cookies because they have sometimes been misused. This is unfortunate because cookies are very useful.

If cookies are disabled or otherwise not working you will need to log onto every separate page. Some pages might not work at all.

  1. If using IE6, check your Internet Options (Privacy). If you have set it to “Block all cookies” then cookies will not work for this site (or any other). Use a more permissive setting.
  2. If using Firefox (good on you!), check if you have unticked “Allow sites to set cookies”. If it is unticked, make sure you have made an exception for this site.
  3. If you are using a web privacy program such as GhostSurf make sure it allows everything for this site. If the website can’t tell who you are, it will not know if you are already logged on.